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If you want to make an appointment, you can drop by and one of our floor managers will help you. Do you want a special design? No problem! One of our artists will help you and make a cool one-of-a kind design just for you. We have many kind of styles so we can tell you which artist is best for the job or you can simply check out their portfolio at the “artists” page or see their work at our shop. If it’s not possible to do it on the same day or there has to be some time for the drawing, than we ask a small down-payment. The price is based on the time and work we need to put into. Fear not! The down-payment is applied to the cost of the tattoo. The price for the tattoo is clearly told before you decide. So no weird surprises afterwards.



If one of those days is not a possibility for you. Than just drop in and maybe we can help you on a different day.


Cancellation is possible at least 48 hours before your appointment, through telephone or by dropping by in the shop. Cancellation through email is NOT possible


We start tattooing from the age 18 years and older. By law we are permitted to tattoo persons from 12 till 15 years with parental guidance. However we cannot guarantee the quality of the tattoo. This is why we choose to tattoo only persons who are 18 years or older.

As soon as you have made an appointment, you can do the following to prepare for the tattoo. have a goodnights rest and don’t drink alcohol before and on the day you are getting tattooed. breakfast or lunch is also highly recommended.


How does it al work?

When the design has been picked or drawn, a stencil will be made. This is like a stick on tattoo to show you the exact location where the tattoo is going to be. After this the artist will start with the tattooing. If the tattoo is too big to be placed in one session than we need to make a follow up appointment. If this is the case the artist will tell you clearly before starting with the tattoo. A minimum of 2 weeks is necessary between sessions. After the tattoo has been placed our floor manager explains you how to take of your tattoo and also hand you a aftercare leaflet.


As soon as your tattoo is healed we always ask you kindly to drop by to show us the result (if possible). If a touchup is necessary, we will make an appointment and help you free of charge.


We don’t place tattoo’s on the following locations: fingers, toes, face and genitals.


If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call, mail or drop by in the shop!