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Eddy Wertwijn



My name is Eddy Wertwijn. I was born in Diemen on 27-09-1962. This is also the place where i grew up. Tattoo Peter came in to my life when i was 14 years old. Before that time i have never seen a tattoo up close. To be honest, on the beginning i thought it was a little bit scary and weird. In that time it was pretty rare to see a tattoo where i lived. I was fascinated how a tattoo was made. I can still remember that i tattooed a friend of mine and he me when we were about 15 years old. After a while i got more curious about tattooing.


Peter didn’t want to tell me much how it worked. After i was 16 we moved to Anna Paulowna, this is where we lived on a houseboat. Peter frequently tattooed on the boat, these were the moments i watched up close. In the winter season Peter made all the drawings, needles and ink for the shop. At this time in my life i decided that i wanted to learn tattooing. When i was 17 Peter allowed me to fill in the color of some of his customers. In september 1980 on the age of 17 i started tattooing. In first instance i only worked on sundays.


The first few years i only colored the tattoos, after a while Peter let me do more and more. On the beginning there were only mostly old school and wester designs on the wall. There was no form of media like there is now. People rarely asked for custom designs. It was completely different than now. You could select a design from the wall and thats it. End 70’s a lot of different styles were added. I was always fascinated by the Japanese style tattoos. This is my favorite style to tattoo. My collection exists out of many Japanese books which i also use as reference. At this moment I’m tattooing for over more than 30 years and hoping to do so many years.

I speak: Dutch, English and German.

Only on appointment, free on Wednesday.

I accept Pin, Creditcard and cash.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eddy_wertwijn/ / https://www.instagram.com/eddywertwijn_flash

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eddy.wertwijn



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