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On this page you will find an explanation about how we decide the pricing of your tattoo.

Almost every tattoo that we make (90% !) is a custom piece, made specially for you. In the early days clients chose a design from the wall or our books, Now it is different. Nowadays mostly all tattoo’s we do are custom. Thats why we don’t have price list.

Of course you would like to know beforehand how much your tattoo is gonna cost. This is no problem. We always discuss beforehand what and where you want to get your tattoo. Together with the artist we will calculate how long everything is going to take (the tattoo) and then we tell you the price BEFORE we start. So you will always know the price before you give it a go.

In some cases like sleeves, we charge an hourly rate. If this is the case we will always clearly communicate this together with you. This only applies on parts like the complete arms or legs (multiple sessions).

What also is important to think about is that a tattoo is not a pair of shoes or a new coat. It is something you will carry the rest for your life, it has to be done good and professional.

So please keep the following things in mind:

-Even that we are located in the middle of Amsterdam, we will ALWAYS give you a fair price. So no tourist or overpriced tattoo’s.

-We work ONLY with disposable materials, like needles and tubes. After every client we change the gear.


-Hygiene together with quality are our number 1 goal. So you can always walk in to a clean shop.

-A tattoo will cost something but please keep in mind. This is for life. It is not replaceable.

-If there is anything wrong with the tattoo like fading we always fix this for free. (up to one year)

– We work with a close small team. Everyone has their own specialisations.

  • You’re coming in the oldest shop in the Netherlands (since 1955 more than 60 years old!). We don’t exist this long because we make bad work…

– We don’t quote prices through mail or phone simply because we want you and the artist to see the dimensions design etc.

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